Aviation Recruitment Will Be Automated By MOMook Software

June 22, 2016

American aviation recruiting company Aviation Exchange Consulting improved the efficiency of its daily workflow by starting to use MOMook’s document management solution. The company uses software to support various aspects of pilot recruitment process.


“Considering the exponential increase in data, document management solution is an efficient way to manage a vast amount of candidates’ resumes as well as automate the daily tasks for both employees and our clients”, comments Mr. Vijay Dhanwani, the CEO of Aviation Exchange Consulting.

Aviation Exchange Consulting grants permissions to its clients – candidates for pilot job – by creating their own login account. This way, the third party users (candidates) can interact within MOMook’s software directly by uploading and managing resumes themselves.

“In the recent years the automation of recruiting and hiring has become one of the main competitive advantages. By using MOMook it is easy for candidates to apply by putting their resume online and then manage it anytime and anywhere”, Mr. Vijay Dhanwani resumes.

More, the recruitment specialists are able to select the most suitable candidate based on specific criteria automatically. Also, there is a possibility to follow whether pilots have or haven’t reviewed the uploaded job proposals.

“Aviation Exchange Consulting is our first client which is not an aviation training center. It shows how MOMook, due to its modular system, can be adapted to the most complex needs and used for a lot more than just aviation training purposes. It also demonstrates the way technology is being integrated into various business areas”, says Ms. Egle Vaitkeviciute, MOMook’s CEO.

Aviation Exchange Consulting, American aviation recruiting company, recruits, screens, and supplies personnel for all areas of the global airline industry: from flight crews to maintenance and operations personnel to airline managers and senior executives.

MOMook, an intelligent business and training management software, is developed specifically for aviation training centers. MOMook is web-based, accurate, and easy to use solution for such issues as scheduling, document tracking, reports, student progress, maintenance, and repair operations, etc.