MOMook at FSANA Conference: the focus was kept on Flight Tracker

February 23, 2016

MOMook, an intelligent aviation training management software company, has recently showcased its software and Flight Tracker solution at the 7th annual international Flight School Operators Conference held by Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) in Florida, USA.

On the basis of updated regulations, all aircraft used for Ab Initio training should be with mandatory built-in Flight Tracker equipment by 2020. According to the statistical data, there are 135 000 aircraft in the USA that are required to get this upgrade before 2020.

“This event gathered mainly small to mid-sized aviation schools that have 5-10 aircraft. So the Flight Tracker solution was the key product and particularly important for them”, commented Ms. Egle Vaitkeviciute, MOMook’s CEO.

“MOMook, by connecting software and hardware solutions, provides opportunities for aviation training centers to change the way students train. The Flight Tracker feature within MOMook’s platform allows to track the flight status in real-time and get up-to-date flight information used for the analysis and training. The technology helps flight instructors see how student-pilot operates an aircraft in solo flights as well as provides useful information for debriefings”, Ms. Vaitkeviciute summarized.

The conference brought together flight training providers and industry professionals to discuss critical training issues. Both the formal presentations and the workshops covered the latest and greatest trends for flight school management and other processes.