MOMook team welcomes BAA Training Aviation Academy students to start using MOMook

May 29, 2017

MOMook is a web-based solution designed to organize the entire training system. By adopting an innovative software solution companies are able to do both: simplify business processes and facilitate the learning process for the students. MOMook team is glad to annouce that BAA Training Aviation Academy has presented the innovative and smart online solution to their students. Recently, 112 students have received access and started using MOMook.

All the students received special individual accounts allowing them to join online training and scheduling system anytime they want. The gained access to MOMook benefit students in many areas of learning procedures. First of all, they are able to update their personal profiles, check the latest flight schedule and view the necessary aircraft documentation including training material. Additionally, while using MOMook software, students can print out theory and simulator schedule.

„Undoubtedly, MOMook team is planning to introduce more updates allowing students to have broader access to the software. For now it is planned to create permission to upload documents and provide access to the enhanced Training section“- comments Simas Godovan, the senior MOMook developer.

Additionally, one of the modules like Documents ensures effective training center documentation management. Thousands of documents such as visas, passports, medical records and many others are placed online. Students are able to receive notification regarding the date of expiry as well as access the documents anywhere and anytime.

Due to easy and fast access from anywhere, the coordination in the daily workflow of students and communication could be significantly improved. Therefore, if you are a part of a big training organization, it is a wise decision to consider an innovative tool that increases effectiveness in sensitive everyday areas of learning environment.