August 23, 2016

Business and training management software company Momook has announced that its highly-advanced full-flight simulator terminal is now available for sale and delivery. The software company has launched an innovative solution developed specifically for aviation training center with at least one simulator, making the flight training process and simulator’s maintenance fast, simple and cost-effective.

The smart terminal (working on touchscreen technology) is freestanding self-service equipment hosted in the flight simulator’s area. Each terminal is used for a specific full-flight simulator in order to guide engineers, flight instructors, training managers, and CEOs through a flight training process within aviation training management software.

“We have already been operating in the aviation training industry for over 20 years,” says Ms. Egle Vaitkeviciute, the CEO of the global aviation training provider BAA Training, “and this is one of the most exciting times to be in this industry. The technological progress enables to integrate various innovative solutions into our daily process in order to increase the quality and operate more efficiently. Based on that, we have decided to start using the terminal in the company Headquarters,” adds Ms. Vaitkeviciute.

According to BAA Training CEO, considering the fact that the company’s operating flight training devices are fully booked, they have looked for a solution empowering to get a 360 degree view of the whole training process. The terminal enables to get precise estimation of the availability of the flight training devices as well as flight instructors.

Also, Ms. Vaitkeviciute states that this is definitely a step towards a more effective and paperless work within the organization.

“I strongly believe that the engineers and flight instructors have to focus on their primary duties instead of documentation. The terminal enables to decrease the amount of manual work and significantly reduce the usage of paper. When using the terminal our instructors as well as engineers are able to fill the required forms in automatically straight on the terminal. Moreover, plenty of statistical data in order to provide valuable insights for decision-making in the future is stored straight on the terminal instead of piles of documents,” Ms. Vaitkeviciute sums up.

The smart terminal also offers accuracy and simplicity. According to Mr. Simas Godovan, the chief technology officer in MOMook, touch screen display makes it simple to navigate through the system with an easy to use drag-and-drop function.

“It is totally enough to have the basic computer skills. In addition to that, engineers and flight instructors do not have to handwrite in order to provide the information regarding flight training or simulator condition. Using touchscreen technology makes it easy to select the right option or item from the contextual menu as quickly as possible. Surely, this way, the terminal enables to avoid the human errors such as typographical mistakes or omissions of the necessary steps,” says Mr. Godovan.

The terminal itself is freestanding equipment with a 21.1 inch touch screen. The smart terminal is optional colors, tightly integrated and compact for deployment in small areas. The printing function is fully-integrated into the terminal as well. Also, the smart terminal can be customized to the client’s unique needs by implementing the required functionalities.

MOMook, is a high-tech company, developing aviation training management software. MOMook software is a web-based or in-premise solution designed to organize the entire training system such as scheduling, bookings, user management, testing, reporting, etc. Also, as a pioneer in this field, MOMook presents innovative solutions such as Flight Tracker enables to track flight trainings and solo flights, as well as the Smart Terminal allows to track the whole flight training process.

Take a look at the infographic “Top 8 benefits of simulator smart terminal”. You can find it HERE.

We are ready to tell you more about the Terminal. If you would like to hear more how this solution can empower you to get a 360 degree view of the whole training process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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