MOMook to offer two new functionalities

August 14, 2015

MOMook, an intelligent business and training management software, has added two new functionalities to its system. Both modules – Duty time and Terminal – are designed to facilitate and improve work processes of the aviation training companies, which faces the training scheduling on the daily basis and seeks to streamline simulator sessions efficiency.

Duty time functionality allows to monitor instructors’ availability by seeing their sessions’ time and duration as well as to plan their schedule much easier in order to avoid schedule overlapping mistakes. In addition, the module enables instructors to check and book their schedules themselves, which facilitates work processes for both, instructors and Training Department. Terminal functionality allows instructors to login on the computer or tablet, placed in front of the simulator, before the simulator session. This informs parties that the planned session is actually proceeding. Furthermore, instructors are able to see the defects simulator currently has as well as to print out the certificate right after the session or fill in technical logs straight from the terminal. This functionality reduces paper work and keeps parties updated about the simulator performance and condition.

“Constant system development and renewal are the main tasks we are working on. MOMook‘s software is always focusing on customers’ work processes improvement, therefore, Duty time and Terminal modules were added to the system. These two functionalities allow to organise training easier and more efficient what make MOMook even more valuable for aviation training companies“, comments Dainius Meilunas, Head of Business Development at MOMook.

Duty time and Terminal functionalities are added alongside such modules as Simulator Booking, Request, Dashboard, Documents, Maintenance, LMS and others. These two modules complete MOMook’s initial purpose – help the client with managing, organizing, and monitoring activities.