MOMOOK to synchronize scheduling module with outlook and gmail calendars

July 4, 2016

MOMook tech team has updated the software by implementing integration with calendars of popular email systems like Microsoft Outlook, and Google Gmail. The update allows MOMook users to schedule meetings through MOMook, without using of several different systems. This improvement offers a seamless transition with common tools like Gmail or Outlook.


MOMook Tech leader noticed that the biggest benefit from this integration is simplicity: “It is important that from now on, MOMook is integrated with the world’s most widely-using email programs. This way, MOMook users are not forced to change their habits. They are welcome to look over their meetings using the system which is most convenient for them”, comments Mr. Simas Godovan.


Each meeting request allows users to choose from several options: accept or decline the meeting, or to give an answer later. A notification feature which was added allows meeting planners to change the location or time, and all the participants automatically receive a notification via email regarding conducted changes.