MOMook to upgrade its Duty Time functionality

February 24, 2016

Constant software development as well as new and smart solutions is the main task MOMook team is working on. One of them is Duty time restriction functionality which has been requested from one of MOMook’s client.

In general, Duty time functionality allows to monitor instructors’ availability by seeing their sessions’ time and duration as well as to plan their schedule much easier in order to avoid schedule overlapping mistakes. More, it enables instructors to check and book their schedules themselves.

“The current upgrade puts the restrictions for simulators, instructors, and students’ working hours and lets, for example, to work no more than 12 hours. More, it allows you to set minimum rest hours between duty periods for instructors or maximum training period length for students, as well as many other options. Also, all these options provide you with data and tool for analyzing and reporting which is necessary in order to plan business processes as human resources management or flight instructors’ outsourcing,” the new functionality was commented by Mr. Simas Godovan, technical lead of MOMook software.