MOMook’s LMS now offers testing capabilities

December 8, 2014

MOMook, an intelligent flight crew training management software has added testing feature to its Learning Management System module. Software is able to categorize questions and generate unique tests for each student and therefore poses a strong statement to advance pilot training to a whole new level of efficiency and integrity.

Testing module was developed in order to improve the quality of the training that pilots receive as well as to improve the efficiency of the training managers and examiners. Software allows training managers to program test and exam questions along with answers into the system by hand or import it from the third party programs. Then, questions can be grouped into the categories according to the subjects, courses, or type of programs that training center offers. When generating the test, system produces as many different versions of the test as there are students in the group. Training manager chooses how many questions make up a test and what software produces is a unique test for each student. This feature means that any possibility of student cheating is eliminated to the minimum. Software tracks what kind of test was generated for the student, who was the supervisor during the test, how many times has the student taken the test, and in the event when student has to retake the test, system generates a completely different version of it.

This newest MOMook solution helps training managers to productively prepare tests for students that are all unique. Along with the test, software produces answers for the instructor or examiner, which makes it easy and quick to check the answers and provide students with the results right away. Unique tests decreases cheating problem to the minimum and helps instructors to identify students that are not spending enough time for studies.

“Efficient training manager work is what we aim to provide to all the aviation academies and training centers. Being able to help to identify students who are not spending sufficient time on their studies is one more additional benefit to all the instructors as only the most dedicated and hardworking students should be able to take on a job with so much responsibility”, commented Dainius Meilūnas, Director of Business Development at MOMook.