MOMook’s student progress module already live

October 9, 2014

MOMook, an intelligent flight crew training management software announced the release of the Student Progress module. The extensive module is tailored towards Ab Initio and type rating training schools that needs to track student progress and make training program adjustments according to the performance results. This module completes MOMook’s initial purpose to develop flight training software which will help to manage, organize, and monitor flight training or airline activities.

Through the use of the module, instructors are able to track and evaluate student’s performance according to each subject separately as well as overall progress of the course. Data that is collected through the Student Progress module gives an opportunity to analyze student progress in terms of the subject difficulty and time needed to master the subject. By combining the individual performance results and overall course difficulty levels derived from the data collected, training centers are capable to adjust the training programs to dedicate enough time to the subject according to the difficulty.

Student Progress is a handy tool for the instructors, training managers as well as training center’s CEO. Ability to leave comments about each student’s attendance, performance, preparation and skills increases the level of communication and information flow. With all the information at hand, instructors and training managers can provide students with personalized consultations and make necessary training course adjustments in order to supplement the successful training completion.