June 6, 2016

AIM training provider GroupEAD will be moved to an electronic training environment by starting to cooperate with aviation training software company MOMook.

Under the agreement, signed on April 11, 2016 MOMook will provide GroupEAD with Scheduling, Request, Documents, Training, Syllabus manager, and other modules within MOMook’s software.

“Getting a handle of workflow can be one of the most challenging parts of a growing business. We reached a point where just using an Excel spreadsheet simply doesn’t work anymore. So, as all recurring tasks such as scheduling are carried out manually, we were really interested in MOMook’s software with all of its modules and features available,” comments Mr. Heinz-Michael Kraft, CEO of GroupEAD.

Moreover, the companies agreed on additional development based on specific GroupEAD’s needs. Based on it, MOMook’s tech team will implement report module with a wide range of additional functionalities included. According to Mr. Kraft, the new module is needed to monitor and manage company’s training courses metrics: what type of it was conducted, how many students attended, and other required information.

“As we understand that off-the-shelf software definitely cannot meet every requirement, MOMook is a customizable software with modules tailored according to the specific client’s needs”, notes Ms. Egle Vaitkeviciute, MOMook’s CEO.

“Businesses change and innovation is faster than ever, so only custom solutions can really fulfil client’s needs by adding value to the business. We’re glad to be able to offer this kind of solution for GroupEAD”, Ms. Vaitkeviciute summarizes.

GroupEAD is the company providing the operational EAD (European AIS Database) Services on behalf of EUROCONTROL since 2003. The company has a wide range of services in aeronautical data management, procedures design, consultancy services for the evolution from AIS to AIM, quality management system implementation and training.

MOMook, an intelligent business and training management software, is developed specifically for aviation training centers. MOMook is web-based, an accurate and easy to use solution for such issues as scheduling, documents’ tracking, reports, student’s progress, maintenance repair operations, etc.