Perkasa flight school to start tracking solo-flying students

October 31, 2016


Perkasa Flight School in Indonesia is strengthening its training quality, improving its fleet productivity and safety by starting to use Flight Tracker devices within aviation training management software MOMook. The company has already installed 20 Flight Trackers to its aircraft to track students’ flights in real-time.

“The potential to improve the flight training quality was the key driver in making a decision to start using the Flight Tracker devices. The device allows to track the flight status in real-time and provides flight instructors with the information where exactly aviation students are and what specific actions were carried out during their solo flights”, says Mr. Septo Adjie Sudiro, the CEO of Perkasa Flight School.

The Flight Tracker gathers and visualizes live and historical data, giving access to flight parameters such as speed, altitude, axial g-forces, coordinates. Furthermore, using this solution flight schools can also collect data of the previous flight. Consequently, Mr. Septo highlights the profound impact of such a device for the flight training debriefings as it provides useful analytical data.

“Using a Flight Tracker with MOMook software, the data is gathered, processed, reviewed, and then analyzed in order to make certain conclusions. The analysis of the data gives us functionality to measure the quality of the flight training. We no longer need to make insights and decisions based just on assumptions”, Mr. Septo summarizes.

By connecting software and hardware technology, MOMook provides a pioneering solution designed specifically for aviation training centers. The solution allows aviation training centers to track their aircraft efficiently and cost-effectively. Using a Flight Tracker device every aircraft is monitored with GPS technology by linking its flight data to MOMook software.

“As GPS technology is becoming more affordable and available, aviation training industry players have also started to adopt these solutions into their businesses. One of the examples could be the American market where, on the basis of updated regulations, all aircraft used for Ab Initio training must have mandatory built-in Flight Tracker equipment by 2020. It illustrates the importance of technology-based solutions in flight training” comments Ms. Egle Vaitkeviciute, MOMook CEO.

Perkasa Flight School is a flight school under PT. Mitra Aviasi Perkasa, the biggest ab initio pilot provider in Indonesia and Perkasa Flight School vision is ‘to be the best and most reliable pilot school in Indonesia’ by providing the best standards of facilities, service and reliability, by demonstrating a commitment to safety compliance, consistency in quality and continuous improvement.

MOMook, an intelligent business and training management software, is developed specifically for aviation training centres. MOMook is web-based as well as on-premise software, an accurate, and easy-to-use solution for such issues as scheduling, document tracking, reports, student progress, maintenance, and repair operations, etc.

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