December 5, 2016

The software company MOMook, by cooperating with the full flight simulator maintenance service provider SimHelp, has launched an innovative solution developed specifically for aviation training center with at least one simulator, making the flight training process and simulator’s maintenance fast, simple and cost-effective. As we have already discussed the TOP benefits of simulator terminal software, it’s time to consider the key benefits and top specifications of simulator Terminal hardware.


SimHelp’s Terminal weighs approximately three times less (it weighs only 14 kilograms) compared to similar products on the market. For this reason, transportation costs are lower. Moreover, the low weight of the Terminal allowed to install the computer with a larger touchscreen display. As a result, the Terminal comprehends a 21.5 inches touchscreen which is approximately 3-1 inches larger than normal.


The design of the Terminal has been developed taking into account the latest trends and today’s standards in flight training devices’ manufacturing:

  • The Terminal hardware has sloping and rounded lines – no sharp edges, no hidden connection points;
  • The Terminal hardware is pleasant to use as it is soft and warm compared with metal or stone made equipment;
  • The hardware is manufactured to meet essential and desirable ergonomics requirements;
  • The hardware is made of the solid and leading-brand material “Corian”.


The Terminal has been produced in order to provide the best usage experience:

  • The Terminal hardware does not have any unnecessary wiring or electrical outlets;
  • The Terminal operates using a typical front-end DC power supply;
  • The Internet access is provided through a cable network;
  • The Terminal can be connected to Wi-Fi networks, too.


The Terminal is fully assembled and ready-to-use. The equipment with the MOMook software will be operational as soon as it is switched on. In case, there is trouble starting running the Terminal, our support team is always ready to assist you.


  • The Terminal hardware is much more resistant to scratching as well as to deformation compared to metal or plastic made equipment;
  • The “Corian” material does not fade – the color will be bright even after several years of use;
  • The “Corian” material is easy to clean and maintain;
  • The Terminal hardware has a bacteria-resistant surface;
  • The Terminal’s surface is easily updated or/and replaced.


  • The Terminal has the most modern LED touch-screen display;
  • There is a possibility to connect a printer on the premises or beyond;
  • The MOMook software is updated automatically;
  • The Terminal can be maintained remotely;
  • The MOMook software is extremely susceptible to viruses. Therefore, the Terminal can be used safely by flight instructors, students or other third-party users.


Using the Terminal, there is a possibility to add:

  • RFID Reader;
  • Fingerprint scanner;
  • Keyboard;
  • Illuminated logo;
  • Extendable display with a possibility to adjust the height;
  • UPS in case of the power loss;
  • Audio/Video recording system;
  • Other needed customizable solutions.

We are ready to tell you more about the Momook. If you would like to hear more how this solution can empower you to get a 360 degree view of the whole training process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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