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Aviation training tests

Feb 18 2015

Minimize the risk of cheating by creating unique aviation training tests for every student.

Training progress monitoring

Feb 18 2015

Constantly observe your students’ training progress. Keep track of the students’ performance, leave a comment, or grade them during the training session.

Training group management

Feb 18 2015

Easily organize students’ grouping. Combine various students into one group by chosen parameters.

Aircraft booking

Feb 18 2015

Organize the availability of your aircraft slots in seconds. Book preferred time of available flight devices, drag and drop to make changes.


Jan 19 2015

If your training center has specific requests or needs, if you have unique models working within your organization – contact us and…

MOMook’s LMS now offers testing capabilities

Dec 08 2014

MOMook, an intelligent flight crew training management software has added testing feature to its Learning Management System module. Software is able to…

Users management

Dec 02 2014

Know your system users inside-out. Store personal information, view assigned user rights, track made actions.

MOMook’s student progress module already live

Oct 09 2014

MOMook, an intelligent flight crew training management software announced the release of the Student Progress module. The extensive module is tailored towards…

MOMook Launches a New Website

Sep 19 2014

MOMook, an intelligent flight crew training management software, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website The…


Sep 14 2014

Create and edit employee work timetable, organize shifts, plan your human resources and allocate them to your needs.